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Cleaning a Gas Stove

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Every Chef and catering manager knows the importance of a regular cleaning schedule. It not only ensures that hygiene standards are maintained (as required by Environmental Health Officers), it also greatly reduces the risk of fire. Breckland Industrial can augment this daily and weekly cleaning schedule with planned, periodic kitchen deep cleaning service to the ceilings and lighting, walls and floors as well as hobs, ovens, cookers, deep fat fryers, stainless steel tables and other shelving and storage equipment. 

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Breckland Industrial guarantee that we will:

  • Provide risk and C.O.S.H.H. assessments.

  • Agree an appointment to undertake the work and keep to it.

  • Use trained and experienced staff to undertake the work.

  • Work in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Be professional, courteous and thorough.

  • Complete the work to the agreed specification and standard.

  • Not introduce any hidden charges or costs.

Services available:

  • Kitchen deep cleaning

  • Catering equipment deep cleaning

  • Cleaning to Ceilings, walls and floors

  • Grease and extraction filter cleaning

  • One off deep clean

  • Area specific cleans

  • Extraction systems cleans

  • Restaurant kitchen cleaners

  • Industrial kitchen cleaners

  • Kitchen deep cleans

  • Environmental Health cleans

  • Kitchen cleaners

  • Fire prevention cleans

  • Ductwork cleans

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