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Spray Booth & Paint Line Cleaning

We undertake Spraybooth, Paint line systems, ovens, flash off zones and other hazardous area cleaning on a national basis with regular contracts in London, Birmingham, Leicester, Basingstoke, Bournemouth, Guildford, Marlow, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.



With over 20 years experience, Breckland Industrial fully understands the cleaning techniques and requirements of all types of spray booths, large and small. Whether dry filtration (side wall or floor) wet back, flood sheet, through flow conveyor or static ‘one car’ booths, we can provide a full specification and cleaning service including filter supply, filter change, booth interior stripping and re-coating with either tacky or Peelable coatings (water based and solvent based) pit and tank gulping and grid cleaning, extraction system and stack cleaning, flash off and oven cleaning.

Many of these cleaning processes involve confined space working or working at height. All our Industrial cleaning staff are experienced, trained and have relevant certification in confined space working, IPAF and PASMA. We are also distributors of Gramos (Orapi) products such as protective booth and oven coatings, booth paste, water treatment chemicals and ‘tack’ products. We also supply all types of filtration media in rolls or cut to size, including duplex pads.

Services Available:

  • Plenums, air replacement plant and duct work

  • Air supply and extract systems

  • Grid and frame Pyrolysis

  • Water treatment tanks, phosphate tank gulping

  • Supply and extract fans

  • Supply of filters, protective coatings and water treatment chemicals

  • Flash off, oven and cool down zones cleaning

  • Paint booth and oven cleaning service

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